Laurie and Rick Hopkinson from Saskatoon, apply the same skill and passion to philanthropy that they bring to their business, Dynamic Glass & Door Ltd. “We set goals, we are very purposeful and we take nothing for granted,” says Laurie.

Rick and Laurie first made a gift of $25,000 to the Saskatchewan chapter of Children’s Wish after conducting the necessary “due diligence.” They did research, asked questions and requested to meet with directors to gauge each organization’s accountability. After that inaugural gift, they pledged another very significant amount. They continue to be active as volunteers and ambassadors for Children’s Wish.

When asked why they decided to align their philanthropic goals with children, Rick says, “I just wanted to see kids’ wishes come true in the same way that our dreams have come true.”

When thinking of Mateo, 7, diagnosed with leukemia and, Steven, 13, who has lymphoma, two boys they have helped directly, Laurie said, “These kids seem to handle disease much differently than an adult because they haven’t lived long enough to know how bad things can get. I think that we can learn a lot from them in terms of our own priorities,” says Laurie.