“Mummy, are you sad for me because I’m sick?” 4-year-old Erin asked in July of 2014. Finding out that her daughter was diagnosed with cancer left Elaine sobbing in the hospital. Erin has Wilms’ Tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children.

“When they took Erin from my knee for the biopsy, she held her arms out and said, ‘Mommy! No, please!’ and my husband’s eyes and mine filled with tears.”

This was devastating news for the family, including Erin’s 13-year-old brother. They had always known their daughter to be a little princess, who loves to dress-up, sing, and dance.

Erin was able to fight through her treatment with the help of The Children’s Wish Foundation, who granted her wish to meet the princesses and experience the magic of Disney!

The fun-loving six-year-old had a blast meeting Pocahontas, who is her absolute favourite princess.