In 2009, Graham was born with a rare genetic disorder called Charge syndrome, which “indicates a non-random pattern of congenital anomalies that occur together more frequently than one would expect.”

In the fall of 2012, Graham was approved for his most heartfelt wish. As a 3-year-old with many medical difficulties, Graham’s parents were not prepared to move forward with his wish at the time. However, fast forward to 2016 and both parents knew exactly what their little boy needed.

As Graham is non-verbal, has visual impairment and requires a cochlear implant due to profound hearing loss, among many other difficulties, it was his non-verbal cues that helped his parents choose the best wish for him. As his first real form of communication to his parents, his mom Erin recalls Graham taking her hand and pulling her towards the back door, asking to go outside. Knowing that he loves the outdoors more than anything else, his parents helped Graham wish for a gazebo; a place where “he can be himself and one with nature.”

Erin had this to say about Graham’s wish, “providing Graham with a safe place to be outdoors would mean the world to Graham. We plan to make the gazebo his ultimate outdoor play room, complete with a water table, tactile toys and plants. Graham will be able to enjoy this space well into adulthood. Thank you for helping Graham get his greatest wish…the great outdoors!”