The Priceless Gift of Music

The Priceless Gift of Music

One of the most moving experiences for Children’s Wish New Brunswick Chapter was granting Emelie’s wish. Emelie grew up with a love of music, actively participating in her church choir. At 14, she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue, and began a rigorous treatment program that included 53 weeks of chemotherapy and 12 weeks of radiation. With her illness, Emelie lost the ability to sing so she channeled her passion onto the piano.

Over the past couple of years, as she journeyed through her treatments, playing the piano became a form of therapy, and so it was fitting that Emelie’s wish was to have her own baby grand. She had played one at Long & McQuade while she was in Moncton for treatments at the hospital.

With the generosity of Long & McQuade Musical Instruments, Yamaha Canada and Geldart’s Moving & Storage, we were able to grant Emelie’s wish. A baby grand piano arrived at her home, just days before Christmas, taking her by complete surprise.

With family and friends gathered around, she began to play Hallelujah, and the room was filled with joy.

Her family tells us that Emelie enjoyed her piano daily, until she was no longer well enough to play. Emelie’s mom said, “I personally want to thank each one of you that made this possible. I’ve always said on our journey we have met angels on the way, and you are all angels.” According to a close family friend, “Emelie touched the hearts of many people in her young life and was special to all who knew her.” She went on to say, “Thank you for giving her this gift, which filled her last weeks. She always played the piano and it was wonderful to hear her. Children’s Wish is very special.”

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