Meeting a Sister a World Away Isabel is a bubbly grade 12 student in Edmonton. Two years ago, a diagnosis of thyroid cancer led to thyroid removal surgery, followed by radioactive iodine treatment, which required a week’s quarantine in the family basement. She could only keep in touch with her friends and family via Skype. Throughout her treatment, Isabel enjoyed writing to her family’s sponsor child in Ethiopia, Kidist. The family had always looked upon Kidist as one of their own. It was natural that Isabel’s wish would be a face-to-face meeting her “sister” in Ethiopia. Working closely with Compassion Canada, Kidist’s charity sponsor, we were able to help Isabel’s heartfelt wish come true. In March of 2017, Isabel arrived in the town of Alaba Kulito, Ethiopia. She and Kidist looked at each other shyly at first, then wrapped each other in a big, sisterly hug. Despite the language barrier, the two girls connected immediately. “I was very surprised by how similar we were,” said Isabel, “We really clicked.” Happily, Isabel is now cancer-free. This fall, she plans to study economics at the University of Alberta. ISABEL’S WISH WISHES MATTER HERE 18