OLIVIA’S WISH A Taste of Fame for a Dancing Queen Olivia was only a toddler when she was diagnosed with stage 3 Wilms’ tumour, a kidney cancer affecting children. The disease caused irreparable damage and she had to have her kidney removed. Now 11 and in remission, Olivia was able to realize her most heartfelt wish: to be famous. Together with our wonderful partners at Mosaic Agency, Bell Media, and the iHeart Music Awards, Children’s Wish arranged for her to create a signature dance move, with the special help of renowned choreographer, Blake McGrath of So You Think You Can Dance. Olivia’s dance move, #DoTheLivi, went viral, spreading globally through online channels and garnering over 80 million impressions on social media. Her wish was granted - she became famous! People are still sharing their own Livi moves online – living proof that something truly magical happens when a community, at home and abroad, comes together to make a little girl’s dream come true. WISHES MATTER HERE 20