#BeccaToldMeTo Rebecca was 14 years old when she learned she had a medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Approved for her wish while still undergoing intensive treatment, she wanted to wait for it to be completed before taking her wish trip. Happy memories of a holiday when she was eight convinced Becca that another family vacation was long overdue. A trip to Disney World would be just what they needed, so she set her mind on getting well. She concentrated on school, friends and things that give her joy – listening to music, writing poetry and helping others. Her own struggles gave her a heightened desire to spread kindness where she could. This past Christmas, Becca and her family received the devastating news that she had relapsed. Drawing up her bucket list of things she wanted to do with her family and friends, she decided that a train trip from Moncton to Toronto with a stopover in Quebec City, would be a perfect way to spend a week with those she loves. With the generosity of Via Rail, the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City and the Royal York in Toronto (arranged with the help of our sister chapter in Ontario), Becca’s trip was everything she could have wished. Since her return, she has focused on inspiring others to perform acts of kindness, largely through her social media campaign #BeccaToldMeTo, which has received widespread media attention. Her courage and selflessness have warmed the hearts of many. Becca is a shining example of the remarkable strength of the human spirit. WISHES MATTER HERE BECCA’S WISH 22