FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Message from Our Treasurer The fiscal year ending March 31, 2017 has been transformational for Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. The decision to extend wish granting to a broader range of children has called for a disciplined reassessment of our revenue-generating measures and operational management. As referrals for wishes increase, our financial needs are greater than ever before. After a record wish- granting year in fiscal 2016, the Board of Directors approved an operating deficit for fiscal 2017, so we could continue to ensure that no eligible child would be denied. In fact, Children’s Wish was able to grant over 1,000 wishes again this year, and more than 95% of our reserves are already committed for approved children who are either awaiting completion of treatment or have not yet chosen their wish. Over the past 12 months, we have worked to strengthen our financial footing. As Canada’s premier wish- granting charity, it is incumbent on us to maintain a secure and sustainable base for future wishes. The need to adjust revenue streams and optimize fundraising efforts led to the strategic decision to discontinue some lotteries, contributing to a 9.5% decrease in revenues, from $25.09 million one year ago to $22.72 million this year. At the same time, we continued to maximize operational efficiencies, streamlining administrative policies and practices, and re-evaluating our approach to recruitment and retention. Cost-containment measures implemented over the year achieved a significant reduction in wish expenses – from $17.10 million to $14.20 million, without compromising wish quality. In addition, operating costs declined $2.2 million, from $11.8 million to $9.6 million. These efforts succeeded in shrinking our deficit by 50% and put us in a better position to fulfill our mandate going forward. Our overall fundraising ratio is 27.5%, while our administrative costs ratio stands at 14.8%. We approach the coming year with a firm conviction in the healing power of a wish and a deep sense of obligation to each and every Canadian child with a life-threatening illness or severe genetic or neurological disorder. We look forward to working closely with our donors and partners in the healthcare community to meet the challenges ahead. We thank you and hope we can continue to count on your support. Carl Viel, Treasurer WISHES MATTER HERE 25