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Our Wish Stories

Jolee's Wish

Disney Cruise

Jolee’s wish was to go on a Disney Cruise with her mom and sister. She loves everything Disney! When Jolee was 15 months old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. With treatments and surgery, she went into remission and doctors agreed that her health was increasing. In 2012, when she was 11 years old, she began to complain of a sore back. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She began treatment immediately starting another battle with cancer. Jolee is now 13 years old and has finished her treatments. She is strong, happy and her health is recovering. Jolee was so happy to have her wish granted and had a fantastic trip with her family. “It was so nice to see her with stars in her eyes,” said her mom.


Chelsea's Wish

Her new bike

Chelsea outgrew her old bike many years ago, and since then she hasn’t been able to enjoy the freedom of riding. She was diagnosed with distonic cerebral palsy, which affects her mobility in numerous ways. Chelsea’s wish was for the Freedom Concept Adventure AS2000 Bike. This bike provides Chelsea with support and comfort and she can celebrate her freedom to ride at her own pace for many years to come. Her condition makes it difficult to travel but with the help of her new bike, it’ll make travelling easier for her and her family. “It would be wonderful to be able to take her somewhere other than a local camping spot,” Chelsea’s parents said. Before receiving her bike, Chelsea was excited she was telling anyone she met about her wish! Chelsea loves her new bike and she can finally get back to doing the things she loves.


Blake’s Wish

Blake experienced many firsts on his wish to Disney World

Blake suffers from Dravet Syndrome; a severe form of epilepsy. It affects every aspect of his life and treatment options are very limited. When Blake and his family discovered that he was granted a wish, it took careful time and consideration, given Blake’s condition, to decide. Blake and his family have never been on a family vacation before so it was decided to take a trip to Disney World! “Little did we know the change in our life this wish would bring, and we are so grateful,” Blake’s mom said. During his wish trip, Blake began communicating and even said ‘Hi’ for the first time! He even stepped into the ocean for the first time, and discovered his favourite ride was the carousel. The magic of the wish began to unfold and his family began to see a change in Blake, and could tell that he was the happiest he had ever been.


Cédric’s Wish


When Cédric was only four-years-old, he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. From that point on, Cédric and his family’s life changed. Their daily routines and habits had to be altered in order to accommodate Cédric. When he found out he was going to be granted his wish, he and his family knew it would be the breath of fresh air that they needed. Ancient Greece and its architecture has always fascinated Cédric. His wish was to take a trip to Greece with his family and experience the culture, and the roots of Greece. “It’s difficult to put words on the impact of the trip. We all benefited from Cédric’s wish in a different way,” said Sandra, Cédric’s mom.


Marcel's Wish

Meeting his hero

Marcel’s wish was to meet his favourite wrestler, and ultimately his hero, John Cena. Over a year ago, Marcel was diagnosed with Leukemia and when he was granted his wish, he knew that being able to meet his hero would be his dream come true. Marcel got to hangout with John Cena before his wrestling match at the Ricoh Colliseum in Toronto. Marcel was able to meet other wrestlers like Dean Ambrose. Marcel even gave John Cena some tips to help him win his match. John Cena called Marcel his lucky charm, and he was! He won his match that night, but the real champion was Marcel.


Shandy's Wish

The Price is Right

Over a year ago, Shandy was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She had surgery last summer to remove it. Sadly, Shandy is still battling cancer. When she told that she could have her most heartfelt wish granted, she knew instantly what it would be. Shandy’s favourite show is the Price Is Right. “I watch it every day. I even have the app for it!” Shandy said. Although Shandy is not old enough to be a contestant, she was able to meet the host Drew Carey and watch her favourite games (some of them being Plinko, Cliffhangers, and Rat Race). Being able to see the show live has always been a dream of Shandy’s, and she finally got to live out her dream!


Hannah's Wish

The Next Star season finale

When Hannah was receiving treatment in the hospital for Osteosarcoma Metastatic, she loved to watch the YTV channel. She is a big fan of the show The Next Star. When Hannah discovered she was granted a wish, she knew instantly that she wanted to be able to watch the finale of The Next Star live. Hannah has never been to Canada’s Wonderland and it just so happened that the season finale was taking place there! Hannah was able to meet and spend the day with the final six contestants, get a glamorous makeover, and arrive in style to watch the live performances! She got to experience being a rock star for a day and was thrilled to have her wish come true at The Next Star finale.


Bridget's Wish

For the love of riding horses

Bridget is seven years old and has been battling Wilm’s Tumour for over a year. She has had to endure harsh treatments but has stayed active and positive throughout her battle. Six months ago, Bridget entered a contest to win pony-riding lessons at Partidge Acres. She never had lessons before but always wanted to be able to ride one by herself. She has loved horses and ponies since she was two years old. Bridget won the contest and was able to start her lessons after treatment! When Bridget found out she was able to have her wish granted, she knew right away what her wish was going to be. Bridget wished for a horse to be able to continue her passion. She is currently learning to ride English Style, and named her horse Dancer!


Alistair's Wish

Trailer Travelling

Alistair was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and travelling with his family is often difficult. He and his family love the outdoors and Alistair especially loves camping. When Alistair’s family found out he was granted his wish, they knew right away that a trailer would make him the happiest. To wrap up the summer, his family went on a 12-day camping trip! The trailer allows Alistair to take a comfortable and safe camping trip that is close to home. His mom says the trailer is "truly life changing for all of us"!  Alistair had so much fun being able to be carefree and enjoy all the things he loves to do with his family.


Elijah's Wish

Being adventurous just became easier

Elijah’s family has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle. As Elijah grew from a baby to a young boy, his condition made it difficult to travel and participate in his family’s activities such as camping, hiking and swimming. Elijah has Timothy Syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder. When Elijah was granted his wish, his family decided that the Hippocampe chair would be the best thing for him. It would give him the freedom to be able to travel with his family and participate on all of their family activities. Now they can enjoy all of their adventures together and be carefree. He can't wait for the winter to try his ski attachments!

Carter at Zoo

Carter's Wish

Visiting animals and playing with Lego

What could be more fun than spending a day at LEGOLAND and the zoo? That must have been what three-year-old Carter thought when he was asked what he wanted for his wish. When Carter was very young, he was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma and has since had numerous treatments. With the help of Children’s Wish, Carter was able spend a week in Toronto, visiting the Toronto Zoo to see all of his favourite animals, and spend a day exploring LEGOLAND.

Frédérique enjoys her Children's Wish trip to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics
From wish child to award-winning philanthropist

Bryden Hutt

From wish child to award-winning philanthropist

Bryden Hutt, who was diagnosed with a severe immune system disorder called Omenn syndrome, was five years old when Children’s Wish Foundation granted his wish to go to Disneyland. Bryden was so grateful to Children’s Wish that he started volunteering for the organization. In 2012, he became one of the first 60 Canadians to receive the Diamond Jubilee Medal, presented at Rideau Hall by Canada’s prime minister and governor general.

Braden's wish to meet braden
Opening pitch is 20,000th wish

Kelsey Panton

Opening pitch is 20,000th wish

Play ball! With the help of Children’s Wish and the Toronto Blue Jays, Kelsey Panton was able to get her wish: to throw the ceremonial pitch at a Jays game. It was a memorable occasion in more ways than one; Kelsey, who was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma at the age of 16 and was undergoing chemotherapy, was the Children’s Wish Foundation’s 20,000th wish child. Watching her favourite team play, says Kelsey, "took the dread of the day away."

From video game to reality
Emily’s Hawaiian Wish
Paige’s Wish
Darcy’s Dream
Roary’s Story

Roary’s Story

Our beloved mascot Roary is a most courageous creature

Like the children whose lives have been transformed by a Children’s Wish – and who in turn have transformed the lives of everyone around them – our beloved mascot Roary is a most courageous creature. He embodies hope for a brighter future and gives our wish children the strength to move forward. Children’s Wish presents every wish child with their very own Roary. He stays with them right to the day of their wish, and reminds them constantly of better and brighter days to come.

Roary's Poem



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