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Roary’s Story

Roary’s Story

Our beloved mascot Roary is a most courageous creature

Like the children whose lives have been transformed by a Children’s Wish – and who in turn have transformed the lives of everyone around them – our beloved mascot Roary is a most courageous creature. He embodies hope for a brighter future and gives our wish children the strength to move forward. Children’s Wish presents every wish child with their very own Roary. He stays with them right to the day of their wish, and reminds them constantly of better and brighter days to come.

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Roary's Poem


Spider Mable

Nathan’s most heartfelt wish realized

At just a few days old, Nathan was diagnosed with an unknown neurological condition which was later determined to be Pontocerebellar Hypoplasis Type 2A. Nathan is non-verbal, tube-fed and uses a wheelchair. He also has epilepsy and severe global development delay. Nathan, now 9 years-old, wished for a backyard hot tub, which was installed at the end of this summer. Nathan’s two most favorite things are being outside and spending time in the water. The heat and jets help him loosen up and relax, and are great for his circulation.

Before Nathan’s mom, Elizabeth, came to Children’s Wish, they had reached out to two other wish granting organizations. They were denied from one, and the second provided a choice of 4 prepared packages. While the family was discouraged at first, Nathan represents a group of children who are now eligible for a wish at Children's Wish because of our expanded mission to include serious genetic and neurological diagnoses.


Meet Ruby, one of the first of new criteria

Ruby is a very special 7 year-old. She’s one of the first children to benefit from our newly expanded criteria to include kids with serious neurological and genetic conditions.

Ruby was born with 13Q Deletion Syndrome, a rare genetic condition where one arm of her chromosome is missing. Ruby’s condition has left her with seizures, oromotor dysfunction and global development delays. “Ruby needs 24/7 care and can never be left alone,” explains Ruby’s mom, Suzanne.

The whole family was thrilled when Ruby’s wish to visit Disney World was granted. For one incredible week, Ruby, along with her parents and brother, Jake, swam in the pool, went on rides and enjoyed parades. But the true highlight was meeting the princesses!

“Ruby loves princesses and getting dressed up so this was a big deal,” says Suzanne. “This was Ruby’s vacation — her wish. The princesses were so sweet to Ruby.”


A special name for a special child

A very special child with a very unique name deserves a most magical wish. T’Onia (tee-own-a) wishes to go on a Disney cruise. She is 6 and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, is visually impaired and non-verbal.

Her dad Cavaliers and step-mom Tanya, know not to take anything for granted, not even the ability to scratch your nose. They knew the simple things that most people are able to do, like feeding themselves or dressing themselves, is something that T’Onia will never be able to do on her own.

T’Onia’s family has wanted to take a Disney trip for years now, but knowing that their daughter’s medical challenges would make a family vacation difficult, they put it off year after year.

Now that Children’s Wish has expanded their mission to include children like T’Onia, the whole family is so excited for their Disney cruise. T’Onia and her family look forward to going swimming every day on their cruise!


Alex’s Titanic Museum wish

Alex, an 8 year old from Kanata with Langerhans cell histiocytosis, has a very interesting passion…everything Titanic! He owns every book, has seen every documentary and even has the theme song to the movie memorized.

There was only one thing he truly wanted for his wish – Alex wanted to visit the Titanic Museum in Ireland. So in August, Alex and his family went on the trip of a lifetime where Alex was up front and centre, even helping the museum guide give the tour! His illness did not slow his passion at all. The family really enjoyed exploring everything that the Emerald Isle had to offer.

One of the other highlights of their trip was when they crossed the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. Mom and dad were holding on to all 3 kids for fear they would fall off the steep cliff. All Mom could say after they crossed was, “That was nuts! I was so nervous!” All of our Wish kids are so brave!


A week to just have fun for sisters Mya and Lily

Every time Mya’s mom asked what was her favourite part of her Wish trip to Disney, the answer was different. There were so many special memories made! While most kids wouldn’t include the bus or train ride as one of their favourite memories, it was Mya’s first time on both and she loved it! Some of her favourite parts do include Splash Mountain and the submarine to find Nemo too.

Mya and her little sister Lily have started to question why they need to have daily physical therapy when other children don’t. Mom Lindsay and dad Kenny decided the girls were coping well enough with their Cystic Fibrosis during their trip, that they could take a break from their usual medical routine and start each day with fun!

Wish Child Sean

Proud Grad’s Germany Trip

Sean was diagnosed with very high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on September 19th, 2012 at the age of 17. His mother was shocked, she didn’t understand how her vibrant, healthy teenage son could possibly have cancer.

Sean was immediately admitted to the hospital and his journey began. Rounds of intensive chemotherapy, blood transfusions, platelets, lumbar punctures, bone marrow biopsies, IV after IV and countless pills became his routine. Constant nausea and vomiting from the treatments and medications, becoming extremely tired and weak became his new “normal.” But not once did this brave, young man utter a complaint. His saying became “it is what it is – it sucks but you just deal with it.”

Thanks to his teachers who continued to support and believe in him, he was able to stroll across the stage to receive his Grade 12 diploma and student merit award.

Sean is now doing well and just left for his Wish trip to Germany last week.

Wish Child Nathan goes camping

Making camping a reality

Nathan, 17, has always loved the idea of camping, but it’s one of the many activities he’s never been able to do because of his medical condition.

Nathan was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, Danny Walker Syndrome and increased spasticity when he was just 8 months old. His condition requires a lot of special equipment and daily supplies, which can make packing much like a Tetris gaming battle.

Nathan knew exactly what he wanted for his Wish – a trailer big enough for his family and all his medical equipment. Roadmaster RV helped Nathan choose the perfect trailer and Children’s Wish outfitted it with everything he and his family would need.

For years to come, they can now go camping together as a family; making memories on the road, camping out among the relaxing sounds of nature, and laughing beside the crackling of a campfire.

Nathan has taken his trailer out on its’ maiden voyage (with Roary of course!) and can’t wait to go again!


Looking back to 1986

In the first couple years that Children’s Wish was established in Saskatchewan, there was a little 8 year-old named Christine. She was diagnosed with an in-operable brain stem tumour in 1986. Months were spent at the Royal University Hospital for surgeries, cancer treatments and checkups – all things a sick child goes through, but nothing that can prepare a family. Christine’s family changed in many ways, and with Christine’s illness, there were no resources or reason to dream of a family vacation during this stressful time. 

But in December 1986, arrangements were made by Children’s Wish for Christine’s family to go on her wish trip to Disneyland and meet Mickey! They flew from Saskatoon to Vancouver and Christine loved it – she had so much fun and was so excited to meet Mickey Mouse. 

Sadly, Christine passed away in January 1987. Her brother and sister have recently returned to Disneyland to recapture the happy time they shared during their early childhood with Christine through her Children’s Wish.  

Ethan goes to Hawaii

Fun in the sun in Hawaii!

For a 13 year old, Ethan has already a long story to tell. His medical journey began minutes after his birth and he underwent his first surgery at just 11 days old.

With a number of physical problems, it wasn’t until Ethan was a month old that he was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome, a set of unusual congenital conditions affecting the eyes, heart, ears and nose.

Before the age of 8, he had a G-Tube inserted for feeding, a tracheostomy surgery, surgeries on his nasal passage, saliva glands and adenoid glands, along with many other exploratory procedures.

Following all that, Ethan had progressed enough that his tracheostomy tube was successfully removed. And 2 years later, his stoma was surgically closed. For the first time, Ethan was able to communicate verbally with his family!

Today, he is doing well and continues to improve. Along with his family, Ethan set off for a week of fun in the sun in Hawaii to see a live volcano and catch a glimpse of a humpback whale or two for his children’s Wish.

As his dad, Dan, said, “Ethan’s wish is a celebration of his life and marks what he has overcome.” What better way to celebrate then flying over the Hawaiian Islands!

Sara's dream room by Jillian Harris
Braxton can't wait to go shopping!

Braxton looks forward to finishing chemo and going shopping!

Like many 6 year olds, Braxton’s Wish is for a big shopping spree at Toys R Us and Walmart. But unlike most 6 year olds, he has a rare diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma.

Braxton’s mom Alicia and his grandmother Joanne have been staying in Braxton’s IWK hospital room with him, but she misses his 9 month old brother Emmett who is an hour away.

“I only get to see him on weekends,” Alicia noted when his dad Rory brings him into the IWK or family pitch in.
Braxton looks forward to finishing up chemotherapy and leaving the hospital. And he especially looks forward to his Children’s Wish shopping trip to pick out his new toys and being able to spend time with his brother, mom and dad.

Wish Child Brookly finds freedom in her pool

Brooklyn finds freedom in her new pool

At 2 years old, Brooklyn was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, is non-verbal and tube-fed only. She also has epilepsy and global developmental delay. She had been born 5.5 weeks early and had a collapsed airway and difficulty breathing and eating. At 2 months old, the decision was made to have a tracheostomy and a G-tube put in to allow Brooklyn to breathe and feed.

Brooklyn, now 9 years old, has a Wish for a backyard pool, which was ready in early August. "Today is freedom," said mom Heather. "Just the movement in the water. She's doing what everybody else is doing in the water. Free and able to move her limbs. You know normally she's in her chair or she gets a little bit of free time on the floor."

Though the days are getting shorter and the chill is starting to creep up, Brooklyn’s new backyard pool has a heater, thanks to Levy Pools, to help her enjoy those last few days of swimming.

Wish child Gabo goes to LEGOLAND
Wish child Harley
Ryan meets Lightning McQueen

Ryan visits Radiator Springs and meets Lightning McQueen

Wish mom, Stephanie is still in awe over the Wish experience that her son, Ryan had while at Disneyland in California. Recently, Stephanie extended her heartfelt thanks to our many supporters. Her opening was three simple words, “Wow! How incredible!”

Ryan, 7, was born with kidney disease and after years of treatment, received a kidney transplant. The Wish trip with mom, dad and sister, Jessica, was in the planning stages for some time, waiting until Ryan was well enough to travel. Ryan’s Wish was to visit Radiator Springs from the movie Cars and to meet his favourite character, Lightning McQueen.

For Ryan’s parents, watching the happiness on their child’s face was the biggest dream of all. “To see the look of pure joy on Ryan’s face was a moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Children's Wish truly did make our child's wish come true.” Stephanie says.

Carter's wish

Carter needs a little R n R

At just 3 years old, Carter finds himself in the fight of his life. But leukemia is messing with the wrong kid - hearty and active with a persistent spirit, Carter has the right stuff to beat this illness! It’s hard to keep a good man down! He loves to play with his cat, Kitkat, soccer and run. He’s a huge fan of the Chipmunks and the Wiggles.

A kid with this much on his plate so early in life could definitely use some R n R. Carter’s wish is to visit Disney World in Florida and hang out with his favourite characters, Mickey and Minnie, while enjoying some rides and maybe a visit to LEGOLAND.

Isabelle`s Wish for a piano

Isabelle’s Wish

Isabelle is a 9 year old with pulmonary hypertension, a type of high blood pressure that affects the arteries in the lungs and her heart. It is a serious illness that becomes progressively worse and can sometimes be fatal. Despite this, Isabelle’s mother, Sarah, describes her as “having an infectious spirit, she is optimistic and has a positive attitude.”

Isabelle’s condition means that she has physical limitations. She must carry a heavy oxygen tank with her at all times – a challenge for any 9 year old but particularly difficult for an underweight and easily fatigued child.

“Because of her condition, we know Isabelle is never going to be an athlete,” says Sarah, a Physical Education teacher. “But she can play the piano.” Isabelle showed an interest in learning to play since she was 5, and started saving money from birthdays and Christmas. For Isabelle, a piano meant empowerment – she would be able to do something just as well as, if not better than, any child.

Isabelle’s aunt contacted the Children’s Wish Foundation, and her wish for a grand piano was granted.

“I still have goosebumps thinking of that morning. The gratitude I have for the donors is indescribable,” says Sarah. “The first time she sat down at that piano, I felt hope. I thought: we can get through this. I still think that every morning when I see the piano”.

Despite Isabelle’s illness, the Platnars are bound by a deep love and extremely positive outlook. “Every day is a gift,” says Sarah. “Isabelle is a reminder to us to live life to the fullest.”

Read the full story here. 

Avery`s Wish

Avery‘s Wish Camping trip to Gregg Lake

Because Avery has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, camping is a challenge. As Avery grew up, sleeping in his tent became harder. Combined with his surgeries, his body was changing and required different equipment. Camping required a lot of work; the family had to take two cars and strategically plan what they could bring to make Avery comfortable. Avery would always ask to stay longer but anything more than a weekend was out of the question because of his required medical supplies.

When Children’s Wish met with Avery to ask him what his most heartfelt wish would be, Avery’s parents, Jason and Amanda, suggested a trailer since Avery loved camping so much! Avery was so excited with this idea and the hunt for Avery’s Trailer began.

Avery met with the amazing team at All Star RV to pick out his trailer. He found a tent trailer big enough for his family, his wheelchair and all of his medical equipment. All Star RV even modified the entryway to support the weight of Avery’s wheelchair. He was so excited that his family went camping at Gregg Lake Provincial Park that very weekend, and ended up staying an extra night because Avery didn’t want to go home!

Avery’s Dad, Jason said, “Avery hasn’t caught a fish yet, but it’s only a matter of time, with all of the camping we’ll be able to do this summer and winter”.

Wish Child Luke

Luke’s Wish

Luke finds freedom in water and is an amazing swimmer.  He was born December 2003 at just 28 weeks.  He weighed only 2.9 pounds and fought for his life during his first 27 days on a ventilator.  Luke was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis - a condition that affects his joints and muscles.  As soon as his heart and respiratory system would allow, he began his journey of physiotherapy and splinting.

Luke has taught his family many things in life through the obstacles and surgeries he has faced. In 2012, he had an ilizarov apparatus put onto his right leg to assist in healing his joints, which included 11 pins in his leg which were gradually tightened over a three month time period. Luke was a trooper and continued to maintain his positive attitude towards life.

Luke may be limited by his physical disability and related health issues, but he faces no fear or limitation when it comes to swimming. For his Wish, he wanted to go someplace warm to swim. A Disney Cruise would be a dream come true...and it did not disappoint.

The staff and never-ending entertainment, food and activities were a blast for Luke and his three brothers. Luke's number one highlight was snorkeling at Disney's private island- Castaway Car and spotting a barracuda!

Wish Child Devon and his DUET bike

Wish Child Devon gets a DUET

When Devon was just one, his mother knew there was something wrong with her baby boy. She researched his symptoms and discussed it with his doctor. After multiple tests and hospital visits, Devon was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Devon, now 7, has had many complications since his diagnosis in 2009. It has made day-to-day living for Devon and his family very difficult.

When Devon and his family were granted a Wish, he decided on going to Disneyland with his mom, Nichole and brother, Sean. On Christmas Day 2013, Wish Volunteers delivered his Wish package.

However, as Devon's hospital visits increased, so did Nichole’s worries about traveling out of the country.  Other options were discussed and Nichole mentioned they were always on a waiting list for borrowing a DUET Bike for the summer. That’s when the idea of getting Devon his very own DUET bike came to us. 

On June 12th, Children’s Wish presented Devon with his very own DUET bike and to everyone's surprise, Devon's brother, Sean, who had been so supportive, was not left out. Canadian Tire donated a bike to Sean and now the whole family can go cycling together safely.

"It means so much to have a wish granted and to see the smiles on my family's faces," said Nichole.

Wish Child Hope

Hope’s Wish

When Hope was just two months, doctors confirmed that she had severe hearing loss in both ears and would need to wear hearing aids. Shortly after, Hope became very ill with pneumonia and was required to be fed through a tube. Doctors determined that during pregnancy, Hope’s brain was damaged from lack of oxygen. Hope was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Today, Hope, now 4, must receive physiotherapy treatment daily. Despite all the hospital visits and various treatments she receives, she works hard each and every day to get better. Hope’s strength and courage has been an inspiration to everyone around her.

Hope’s Wish is to go on vacation with her family and get the chance to be a typical 4 year-old without the daily routines of hospital trips, physiotherapy and appointments.

“When you have a sick child, your world stops. We are so thrilled and thankful she will be able to experience something other than her sickness and have that chance to be a 4 year-old,” says Hope’s mother, Lindsay.

Your support can help Hope and her parents spend time together on a carefree vacation that is much deserved. Thank you for helping to create the magic of a wish.

Dolphins Kiss

Makayla's Wish

Makayla is 14-years-old and loves to play soccer. In fact, she’s the goalie, which means she’s the backbone of her team… the final defense… the person the team relies upon most. Pair this with Makayla’s love for painting and the board game monopoly, and you’ve met a creative, methodical strategist. She truly is a remarkable young lady. Makayla looks up to Canadian national soccer team goal keeper, Karina LeBlanc. Makayla was diagnosed in 2014 with a brain tumor. After her surgery to remove her brain tumor, she received one of Karina’s keeper gloves and a get well card. When Makayla is of age, she wishes one day to play for our Canadian national soccer team. Makayla’s wish was to go on an incredible 7 night Western Caribbean Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, with her twin sister Mackenzie, her sister Suella, her mom Michelle and step-dad, Tony; a wish that her whole family will never forget!


Gregory's Wish

Gregory is 16 and he loves hockey, and video games. His favorite team is the Ottawa Senators. He not only enjoys watching all their games and cheering for his team, but he also likes to play the NHL video games, managing his very own Ottawa Senators’ franchise. When he is older Gregory wants to be either a video game designer, or the General Manager of the Ottawa Senators. Gregory has a very rare form of cancer (MPNST - cancer of the connective tissue surrounding nerves) as well as autism. Gregory does not let these things slow him down; he does well in school, likes his teachers, and has many wonderful friends. Gregory's Wish was to travel to Anaheim, California to the Disneyland Resort, LEGOLand, & Sea Life Aquarium! 


Mady's Wish

Meeting Mary Poppins

Madelyn is six years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She suffers from seizures and has had to have two surgeries in her life. Madelyn encounters countless hospital visits, which have become a part of her life. One of the many things Madelyn adores is the beloved character Mary Poppins. Over the last few years, Madelyn has turned to her favourite movie to help her through her difficult times, and the uncertainty of her medical life. “She can be crying in pain, but the moment the movie comes on and she see’s Mary Poppins, her pain seems to subside, and she smiles,” said Madelyn’s mom. Madelyn’s wish is a great reminder of how special each wish is. Madelyn’s wish was to meet her favourite character Mary Poppins. All of the uncertainties faded away the moment they met, and Madelyn’s face lit up with joy.


Anh-Lin's Wish

How To Train Your Dragon

Anh-Lin is a very talented artist and she dreams of one day working as a character designer at DreamWorks Studio. Her family says she has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. Last year, Anh-Lin was diagnosed with a very rare form of ovarian cancer called Juvenille Granulosa Cell Tumor, and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. When Anh-Lin learned that she was granted a wish, Anh-Lin filled with excitement. “For the first time since her surgery, we saw her eyes twinkle again with the anticipation of realizing her dream,” Anh-Lin’s father said. Anh-Lin’s wish was to meet the creators of the animated movie series How To Train Your Dragon at the DreamWorks Studios. She specifically wanted to meet Dean DeBois, the movies’ writer-director, and Nico Marlet, one of the character designers whose drawing style Anh-Lin admires greatly, and John Powell, the movies’ music composer. Anh-Lin had an amazing experience, and she continues to pursue her dream to become a character design at the DreamWorks Studio!


Brayden's Wish

His very own playground

Three-year-old Brayden’s wish was for his very own backyard playground. Since Brayden has been diagnosed with an immune deficiency, it makes it harder for him to be around other children. If another child enters a playground, Brayden has to leave in order to avoid getting sick. Brayden wanted to be able to play in his backyard freely and so The Children’s Wish Foundation granted his wish. “It’s finally a safe place for Brayden to have fun and play like a healthy child”, Brayden’s mom said. Rcs construction stepped in to build Brayden’s playground. With their generous help and support, Brayden can play freely. Doug Doucet, President of rcs construction says, “We are happy to lend a hand and believe it is important to give back to our communities.”


Abby's Wish

Recording a song with her favourite band

Abby’s passion for music is the equivalent of her oxygen – it’s what she needs to sustain her spirit. Abby plays guitar, sings, and dreams of becoming a music therapist. She has vowed to never give up on her dreams. Even though Abby has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, she doesn’t let that stop her from pursuing her passion. Abby’s inspiration comes from her favourite band Everglow. Her wish was to meet the band and have the chance to record one of her own songs with them. She received a rock star treatment complete with hair, makeup and wardrobe. A red carpet rolled out to the studio door, lined with fans and loved ones. Her spirit soared through her music and lyrics, which seemed to articulate the emotion of the greatest day of her life.


Mika plays hero

Little Mika was only 18 months old when doctors diagnosed he had leukemia. How can you explain to such a young child that he’ll have to undergo very difficult chemotherapy treatments? Cathie, his mom, invented a fable of which her son was the hero: “I ‘admitted’ to him that he was in fact a superhero, she explains laughing. I told him he had to have needles to fight off bad guys!” But despite her ruse, the treatments were very painful, to the point where Mika stopped talking and walking. Mika wished for an outdoor playground that would allow him to embody his true superhero nature.


Sarah's Wish

Cake Boss

Sarah found her love for cake decorating when she was at home recuperating from treatment for AML. She started her own mini business baking cakes for friends and family members for birthdays and special occasions. When she discovered she was granted a wish, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Sarah’s wish was to meet The Cake Boss and bake a cake with Buddy. She travelled to New York where she spent time meeting everyone at Carlo's Bakery and she was able to bake and decorate a cake with Buddy. She brought her portfolio of cakes to show him, and he was able to show her some new techniques. Sarah has realized her dream and is now more determined than ever to one day own her own bakery.


Maria's Wish

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Premiere

A Maria was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 13. Maria faced a tough battle, becoming the 17th child in the world to have a very rare reaction to chemotherapy treatments that caused stroke-like symptoms in her body. Despite everything, she fought through it and recovered quickly. While going through her treatments, Maria turned to her role model, Jennifer Lawrence, for a boost of confidence. Maria cites Jennifer’s messages of empowerment and self-confidence as helping her accept who she is and what she has gone through. Maria’s wish was to meet Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast of The Hunger Games trilogy during a red carpet premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. She traveled to London, England, and was glammed up for the red carpet, where he dreams finally came true. It was a night Maria will never forget.


Chelsea's Wish

Her new bike

Chelsea outgrew her old bike many years ago, and since then she hasn’t been able to enjoy the freedom of riding. She was diagnosed with distonic cerebral palsy, which affects her mobility in numerous ways. Chelsea’s wish was for the Freedom Concept Adventure AS2000 Bike. This bike provides Chelsea with support and comfort and she can celebrate her freedom to ride at her own pace for many years to come. Her condition makes it difficult to travel but with the help of her new bike, it’ll make travelling easier for her and her family. “It would be wonderful to be able to take her somewhere other than a local camping spot,” Chelsea’s parents said. Before receiving her bike, Chelsea was excited she was telling anyone she met about her wish! Chelsea loves her new bike and she can finally get back to doing the things she loves.


Shandy's Wish

The Price is Right

Over a year ago, Shandy was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She had surgery last summer to remove it. Sadly, Shandy is still battling cancer. When she told that she could have her most heartfelt wish granted, she knew instantly what it would be. Shandy’s favourite show is the Price Is Right. “I watch it every day. I even have the app for it!” Shandy said. Although Shandy is not old enough to be a contestant, she was able to meet the host Drew Carey and watch her favourite games (some of them being Plinko, Cliffhangers, and Rat Race). Being able to see the show live has always been a dream of Shandy’s, and she finally got to live out her dream!


Hannah's Wish

The Next Star season finale

When Hannah was receiving treatment in the hospital for Osteosarcoma Metastatic, she loved to watch the YTV channel. She is a big fan of the show The Next Star. When Hannah discovered she was granted a wish, she knew instantly that she wanted to be able to watch the finale of The Next Star live. Hannah has never been to Canada’s Wonderland and it just so happened that the season finale was taking place there! Hannah was able to meet and spend the day with the final six contestants, get a glamorous makeover, and arrive in style to watch the live performances! She got to experience being a rock star for a day and was thrilled to have her wish come true at The Next Star finale.


Elijah's Wish

Being adventurous just became easier

Elijah’s family has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle. As Elijah grew from a baby to a young boy, his condition made it difficult to travel and participate in his family’s activities such as camping, hiking and swimming. Elijah has Timothy Syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder. When Elijah was granted his wish, his family decided that the Hippocampe chair would be the best thing for him. It would give him the freedom to be able to travel with his family and participate on all of their family activities. Now they can enjoy all of their adventures together and be carefree. He can't wait for the winter to try his ski attachments!

From wish child to award-winning philanthropist

Bryden Hutt

From wish child to award-winning philanthropist

Bryden Hutt, who was diagnosed with a severe immune system disorder called Omenn syndrome, was five years old when Children’s Wish Foundation granted his wish to go to Disneyland. Bryden was so grateful to Children’s Wish that he started volunteering for the organization. In 2012, he became one of the first 60 Canadians to receive the Diamond Jubilee Medal, presented at Rideau Hall by Canada’s prime minister and governor general.

Opening pitch is 20,000th wish

Kelsey Panton

Opening pitch is 20,000th wish

Play ball! With the help of Children’s Wish and the Toronto Blue Jays, Kelsey Panton was able to get her wish: to throw the ceremonial pitch at a Jays game. It was a memorable occasion in more ways than one; Kelsey, who was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma at the age of 16 and was undergoing chemotherapy, was the Children’s Wish Foundation’s 20,000th wish child. Watching her favourite team play, says Kelsey, "took the dread of the day away."

Emily’s Hawaiian Wish

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