For a child whose wish is about to be granted, the pain and discomfort of the illness and often harsh treatment regimes somehow become more bearable. For many, the excitement of planning and anticipating their dream has a dramatic effect on their healing. These courageous youngsters often experience a renewed sense of energy and hope as they see a different kind of light at the end of the tunnel.
In order to be eligible for a wish, a child must be:

  • between the ages of 3 and 17;
  • a legal Canadian resident; and
  • diagnosed with an illness that is deemed life-threatening; including certain serious genetic and
    neurological diagnoses.

A wish is a once in a lifetime experience, therefore, a child who has previously received a wish is not eligible.

Most referrals come from parents, family members or the network of doctors, nurses and social workers engaged with the child. Referrals can also come from child-life specialists, friends, the potential wish child; other wish families, community or support organizations, school teachers or caregivers.
Wishes vary in expense by virtue of their variety and complexity. For example, a travel wish generally involves transportation and accommodations for immediate family members, as well as meals and expenses. In addition, any necessary medical expenses such as wheelchairs, respirators and even medical attendants are covered.
Administration costs are necessary to run a national organization; however, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is committed to keeping these costs to a minimum. Hard-working volunteers across the country make it possible for the Foundation to keep costs below 15% of revenue.
The wish truly belongs to the child, though we work with medical teams to support wish children and their families as they determine what wishes will bring the most joy.
Our most popular wishes include: travel, entertainment centers, computer systems and meeting celebrities.
Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada does not participate in chain letters or other direct solicitation of wishes. Every day, Children’s Wish Chapters receive inquiries regarding chain letters claiming to be associated with “Children’s Wish.” As a matter of policy Children’s Wish does not conduct these types of wishes including using the Internet and e-mail requests.
Please reply to the sender and inform them that Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada does not participate in these kinds of wishes. Refer the sender and all recipients to this (web) page. Please do not forward the chain letter.
We have no waiting list. We’re ready to grant a child’s wish, as soon as medical approval is received. Given the logistics involved, most wishes take a few weeks to arrange. However, in an emergency situation we can fulfill a wish in a matter of days.
The life-threatening illnesses most often suffered by our children are leukemia, Cystic Fibrosis and brain tumors.
Children’s Wish granted over 1,000 individual wishes last year. Since our founding in 1984, we have granted more than 25,000 wishes to Canadian children.
You can download a copy of the most recent Annual Report,
as well as reports from previous years by clicking here.

The Annual Reports include a condensed statement of financial position for the fiscal year. 
For more detailed financial statements, you can review the Children’s Wish T-3010 statements filed with The Canada Revenue Agency by visiting www.cra-arc.gc.ca/charities and finding Children’s Wish in the Charities Listings section. You can also request to have a copy of the Annual Report or of the full audited statements mailed to you by contacting Eric Nielsen, Interim National Controller by phone at 1-647-725-6124 or by email at eric.nielsen@childrenswish.ca

At Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, we are committed to providing excellent service to our donors, volunteers, wish families and partners.  We recognize that concerns about our programs and policies may occasionally arise.  We value your input and encourage you to take the time to provide feedback.  If you have a complaint or concern, please contact us at 1-800-700-4437. Please click here to view our Complaint Policy.