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Are you ready to lead a Children’s Wish fundraiser? Follow these steps for success from start to finish!

  • Pick Your Format
    What kind of event do you want to organize – a dance-a-thon, car wash, or perhaps a fashion show? If you’re unsure, ask people in your community what type of event they’re most likely to support.
  • Build Your Team
    Recruit individuals who support our cause, are enthusiastic and dedicated, and who can bring various skills to your fundraiser. Divide up the tasks and spread them across the team.
  • Set Goals
    Determine your expected fundraising revenue, expenses, and net income. Remember to keep your costs low to maximize your contribution.
  • Contact Children’s Wish
    Tell us about your event and let us help you get started! Call 1-800-267-WISH (9474) or email
  • Get Set Up Online
    Our new ‘do-it-yourself’ platform allows event organizers to easily create their own online fundraising pages.
  • Promote It
    The more people who attend your event, the more funds you’ll raise! Get the word out by sharing your event information on community websites and social media channels; place an ad in your local newspaper; and post flyers on bulletin boards in community centres, libraries, gyms, and grocery stores
  • Wrap It Up
    Thank all volunteers and participants and make sure all funds have been collected. Let everyone know how much they’ve raised for Children’s Wish, then start planning your next event!