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  • A Celebrity Wish Come True

A Celebrity Wish Come True

Isabelle is 16 years old and was born with a significant heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Isabelle had to endure three open-heart surgeries at the ages of 11 days, 6 months and 4 years to “rewire” her heart.  She then had an additional surgery at 12 years old to “tweak” things. Isabelle’s single most heartfelt wish, to attend a live show of America’s Got Talent came true in Au ...

Our 25,000th Wish: King Jay

We recently granted our historic 25,000th wish to Jayden from Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up as an avid athlete, 18-year-old Jayden had a love for team sports – particularly basketball. In 2014, Jayden was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the muscle tissue. Jayden’s wish was to design his own pair of sneakers, a wish made even more unique with his idea of “melting” his favourite sneake ...

A Magical Day with the Winnipeg Jets

As a one-year old, Kiera was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that starts in the bones. Although she had to undergo a procedure to amputate her leg, as well as treatment, nothing could slow down this spirited and athletic little girl. Kiera grew up skating on frozen ponds and playing hockey with her older brother, and has been a Winnipeg Jets fan for as long as she can remember. Now ...

  • Emma’s Princess Wish

Emma’s Princess Wish

Joyous, adorable Emma is 3 years old.  She loves the beach, the playground, and dancing but most of all, Emma loves everything princess.  Rapunzel is Emma’s favourite because Rapunzel has something Emma hasn’t had a chance to have yet… long hair.  Emma was only 17 months old when the mass in her abdomen was diagnosed as Stage IV Wilms Tumour, a rare kidney cancer that had metastasized to her lung ...

Children’s Wish Impact Study

Wishes have a positive and lasting impact on wish children and their families, beyond the experience of the actual wish. Wishes help to aid the overall healing process, provide a distraction that helps children cope with the emotional and physical stress of treatment, improve family cohesion, and inspire wish children in long-lasting ways.

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